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Nadia Bartel, Olivia Molly Rogers, Rebecca Harding

'Lady of Leisure Millinery' began in 2010 after Lisa Leverington fell in love with hat-making as a creative outlet from her profession as a medical radiation practitioner. 

Lana Wilkinson, Nadia Bartel, Rebecca Judd
Lisa took risks by manipulating materials into new techniques, quickly garnered a wider audience for the fresh modern designs that forms the brand it is today.
Lisa began her traditional millinery training with the Waltraud Reiner, and is continually expanding her skill repertoire with industry experts as well as expanding her skill set into jewels, manufacturing and modern techniques not classically used in head wear design.
Bec Judd, Georgia Love, Rozalia RussianRebecca Harding, Rachel Zoe & Rocky Barnes, Brooke Hogan
Lisa's designs are widely renowned for setting the new trend and celebrities, fashion stylists and runway festivals have showcased her creations year after year.
Jennifer Hawkins, Jasmin Howell, Georgia LoveMelbourne Fashion Festival x Lady of Leisure Millinery x Thurley
Lady of Leisure Millinery prides itself on exclusive designs developed for department stores and private clients, whom leave behind a long list of Fashions on the Field and Millinery Awards. 
Oaks Day Millinery Award winner
Lisa currently resides in Melbourne, Australia
Lisa - VRC Pin & Win ambassador
Lorinska Merrington, Jess Dempsey, Lisa - VRC ambassadors